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Acronym Consulting AB is a specialised, independent consultancy founded in 2017 by Marie Lundberg, a senior advisor specialising in Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) with 30 years of experience in the industry. Acronym Consulting and its consultants are experts in understanding relevant rules and regulations to ensure compliance within regulated obliged entities.

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Acronym Consulting’s senior advising services are the foundation of our work. As a distinguished leader in her field, Marie Lundberg is sought after by senior executives and board organisations to provide in-depth and informed advice on financial behavior and international regulations to effectively mitigate the risks of financial crime. With unwavering discretion and sincerity, investigations and internal audits are conducted to ensure compliance and identify any potential vulnerabilities, transforming company processes to ensure the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.


Marie Lundberg specialises in financial compliance, regulations, and rules, with a qualified track record conducting internal audits, investigations, and producing valid documentation. Acronym Consulting provides guidance on best practices, develops and implements compliance policies, and ensures clients operate within the legal and regulatory framework. Their expertise includes thorough investigations and the creation of legally sound documentation, guaranteeing compliance with regulations. Additionally, they identify and mitigate risks related to non-compliance, in order to transform company processes and procedures. Acronym Consulting has been a proud member of IIA Sweden since 2017.


At Acronym Consulting, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider community. That is why we often participate in conferences and events, where we can contribute to discussions, exchange ideas, and learn from other experts in the industry. As an expert advisor, our founder, Marie Lundberg, has extensive experience in the field, and is recognised as a thought leader in the industry. We have been invited to speak and moderate at various conferences and events to share insights and expertise on a broad spectrum of topics within the financial crime and Anti-Money Laundering space. Marie Lundberg holds a CFE, issued by ACFE.


We are proud to be recognized as a respected organisation in the financial industry, with Marie’s expertise establishing Acronym Consulting as a trusted advisor and thought leader. Financial institutions often engage us to provide training and educational lectures, tailored to cover topics such as AFC risk management, compliance, transaction monitoring, model validation, and financial sanctions. Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and are delivered in an engaging, informative, and practical manner. Marie Lundberg is CAMS certified by ACAMS.

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